April 11, 2001 Acid Pro Wrestling continued its dominance of the New England Wrestling scene with its show in East Hartford Connecticut's Stage East Cafe on Saturday April 8. The fledgling fed has all the ingredients to create the next crop of indy superstars. With The help of Jason Knight and his House Of Pain Dojo, they seem to be on their way to doing just that. Results: Pepsi Boy d. Bull Dredd Pepsi Boy remains one of the most popular characters in APW. Dredd is a larger, more meat-and potatoes sytle wrestler who was able to give the popular Japanese star a decent match before succumbing to a rollup into a pinning combo. Billy Reil d. Judas Young Reil and Young are old rivals from Jersey and two of the best of the best in indy wrestling. Young is coming off a successful run of WWF dark matches, and Reil will head to Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan in May. Nobody does it better than these two. Fast-paced technical action, many pinning combos and a witty promo or two later, Reil won this match with his patented South Philly Driver. It must be said: in a world where gimmicks can sometimes look unconvincing, Young has his act DOWN PAT.Unlike his pants, there are no holes in his character that make him seem unrealistic. Sweet Destiny d. THC THC is an up and coming worker being trained at Knight's Dojo. Working a match with a veteran like Sweet Destiny can only improve her craft. Destiny gave up 20 lbs to her opponent, but her quickness ultimately won her the match. THC had some hecklers in the crowd, but it didn't seem to break her concentration as she assailed destiny with some high impact slams. However, it was Destiny's suplex off the 2nd rope that defeated the rookie. APW Tag Team Championship Cold Front (c) d. Heart and Soul Johnny Heartbreaker and Devin Cruz comprise the team of Heart and Soul. Cold Front is a huge powerful team that has been steamrolling through the tag team division of APW. This match was no different. Cold Front blew their opponents away with a 3-D. Superfight 3 Winner: J. Lover APW North American Championship Kevin Landry (c) d. Jeff Rocker Rocker is becoming more visible now, as he works in a variety of different territories. Landry is an APW favorite though, and it's easy to see why. Fans in Connecticut are sophisticated and pop for clean crisp technical matches, which this one was. Suplexes, Drop Toeholds, Head Butts... simple old school moves used in this match that are still affective when used by wrestlers who know how to work them into a match. Landry defeated Rocker, but the two men were so evenly matched it could have just as easily been the other way around. Missy Hyatt d. Foxy Hyatt is still one of the most beautiful women in the wrestling industry, but Foxy seemed to have the crowd in the palm of her hand. Foxy is new to APW (this was only her second appearance) but she made a lasting impression on the fans by stripping Hyatt's dress off and seemingly defeating her until it was revealed by special ref Joel Gertner that the stipulation was that the first woman to LOSE her dress won the contest. Flyin Fred Curry Sr. The Rocket Fred Curry Jr. and Jason Knight d. Dylan Kage, J. Wood and Teen Scream Kurt Adonis The Currys and Jason, as well as being tremendous athletes, are great storytellers as well, a skill that is sorely lacking in many young workers. This stiff and exciting match was punctuated by some meaty punches by Knight and some amazingly high standing dropkicks by Curry Jr. Curry Sr. can still mix it up as well, and he incorporated some fun old school chicanery into the match. Kage is just breathtaking to watch. One can only imagine what he'd be able to do in the ring against Ric Blade, Trent Acid or even Mike Quackenbush. APW Hardcore Championship Ron Zombie d. Frankie Starz (c) Starz is acquring a reputation for being a hardcore warrior. He earned it here, as he battled Zombie around the venue. Zombie has developed a variety of ways to hurt a man and he used them all on Starz, encorporating weaponry fished out from trashcans into his packed arsenal. Both men bled profusely before the match was over, and Starz was thrown through a table to his defeat but not until he proved he deserves a rematch. New Jack d. J Lover and Tony DeVito In this brutal three way dance, J Lover was the recipient of one of the most ungodly beatings in indy wrestling history as New Jack and Divito took out all their pent up frustrations on him. If there was a weapon within striking distance, J Lover was assaulted with it. Still, after he was pinned, he stood up and walked to the locker room, showing just how tough a man he really is. New Jack wins the award for most creative uses of weapons in a single match. Devito looked like he was enjoying every second of the carnage until New Jack powerbombed him and got the pin.